The Butterfly Year

Hello Friends! And Happy 2018!

I used some vacation time during the final week of December to wrap up 2017 and prepare myself for the New Year. I prepped a to-do list; brought home some work items that I needed quiet time to focus on, and had every intention of making my time off productive. 

First thing on my list was to re-launch “my blog.” I put that in quotes because I’ve always thought of Glamorous Hustle as my blog. After all, we spent four lovely years together. But, this new blog is still something I’m working on turning into mine. 

Anyway, back to the point…

Instead of being productive, my week was filled with catching up on sleep, watching movies on Amazon Prime, and drinking too much vino.

But alas, New Year = New You. Am I right? 

I really missed sharing. Sitting down and hitting the keys and just getting out whatever is on my mind.

Some call me an over sharer, but truthfully it’s my therapy. For me, it’s better than therapy. Trust me, I tried that ‘ish and it just isn’t for me.

So, what’s on the agenda for 2018? I’m calling it my “Butterfly Year.”

The last two years did a number on me.

…I ended a long relationship
…I lost my Dad to cancer
…I fought a dark depression (and am still fighting it)
…I started to focus on my health and healthier choices (also failed a few times with it)
…I ended friendships and made new ones
…I learned a lot about myself

This blog is going to be my way of holding myself accountable to goals and plans. A way for me to share the highs and the lows in hopes of celebrating with you all and showing you that if you’re going through the same thing (or similar), you’re not alone. 

And of course, we’ll hopefully have some laughs together. 

So, cheers to the new year – the Butterfly Year – and to making memories together (virtually)!

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