Whole 30: Week 2

Week 2 is officially in the books. Can I get a “HOORAH?”

I literally feel like I’m walking around farting glitter with a spotlight on myself, giving me the perfect selfie complexion. And I’m not even kidding.

First, I want to give you the run-down on what this Whole30 thing actually is. After last week’s post, I got a lot of questions from people asking what it is and eager to jump on the kale-wagon. And although I had so much intention of actually writing a full post about what it is and what it is not, life got in the way.


Simply put, it’s eliminating the crap and fueling yourself with the good stuff. I could give you a full list of what NOT to eat, but simply if it’s whole, it’s for you.

Vegetables, and lots of it. Fruits. Protein. Natural seasoning. Lots of water.

No alcohol. No processed foods. No added sugar. No dairy. No legumes. No grains. Oh, NO ALCOHOL.

I do love my wine. Maybe a little too much at times. So I thought that would be the hardest for me. And it was, for the first week. Now, I’m good with it.

This is NOT a quick fix to lose weight. Although that is a benefit, it really takes mental motivation, and will hopefully change how you look at and treat food. 

Ok... so how did Week 2 go?

I’m a creature of routine so I’m all about eating the same food during the day, every day, and just changing it up for dinner. I also really busted my butt with Jazzercise this week.

...Tuesday – Crockpot Italian lemon chicken w/ green beans (this would’ve been better cooked regularly. The crockpot made it dry.
...Wednesday – Cajun salmon w/ asparagus
...Thursday – Turkey burgers w/ roasted potatoes
...Friday – We went out!!! We went out for Mexican and I had fajitas (just steak, veggies, guacamole, and lettuce)
...Saturday – Taco ground turkey over mixed roasted veggies
...Sunday – Steak with green beans and sweet potato
...Monday – Leftovers

...Tuesday: Jazzercise (1-hour)
...Wednesday: Jazzercise (1-hour)
...Thursday: Jazzercise (1-hour)
...Friday: Jazzercise (30-min)
...Saturday: TWO Jazzercise classes (1-hour each)
...Sunday: Coffee & Jesus
...Monday: Rest

Results so far
Pros: I feel like this past week I hit such a mental clarity point. Procrastination has gone down, excuses are going away, and overall I feel like I’m in such a positive and upward place. I’m really excited about this new-found attitude and hope that it continues.

Again, I’m not supposed to weight myself but as of Monday morning, I was down just over 11 lbs. More than that though, I wore a pair of non-stretch jeans this weekend that I haven’t been able to get over my hips in 3 years. So, that’s a huge win.

Also, people are noticing my weight loss. I keep getting compliments on how thin my face looks.

Additionally, my step-dad’s doctor told him if he keeps this up, he’d be able to come off his blood pressure. At the highest, his BP was 210/100. Medication helped bring it to 130s/80s. His last appointment, it was in the normal range for his age of 110/66. WOW!

That’s HUGE!

Cons: I’m SOOOO tired of Tupperware! I feel like all I do is work, workout, prep food, and clean Tupperware. I definitely took advantage of the luxury of going to a restaurant, picking something off the menu, and someone else doing all the work for you.

Honestly, doing this program has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Besides getting my dog.

Cheers to 2 weeks down and 2 more to go!


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