Whole 30: Week 3

I am in the home stretch! I’d say I can’t believe it, but I’m not one to back down on a challenge so I knew I’d finish strong. Let me just tell you how this week went.

Monday – “Ok Meg, Week 3. You got this. You prepped your foods and you are almost there!.”
Tuesday – “Screw it. Wine. You need wine. Your exhausted, and you’ve been working so hard. One glass won’t kill you.”
Wednesday – “You are a goddess. You are holy and magnificent and can do anything.”
Thursday – “Step aside Beyoncé. No really. Step aside. This is MY world.”
Friday – “Wine. Need wine. And cheese.”

This week, I definitely had a good angel and a bad angel battling in my head. Luckily the good angel won, but man it was a fight to the death.

I feel strong this week. Mentally and physically. I feel like I really got over a hump, and have finally hit a state of mental clarity. I keep telling everyone my brain finally feels like it’s functioning normally, and it’s really so true.

That procrastination thing – yeah, it’s not there anymore. It’s crazy to even say that. But this third week I’ve really changed, and I’m so happy for that.

I was going to start the 80-Day Obsession Program with some Beachbody friends, but ended up holding off since I wanted to follow the program exactly. I’m instead going to start it when I get back from my work trip to Chicago in March. For now, I’ll focus on building up strength with the 21-Day Fix and 21-Day Fix Extreme programs.

Which means, double work outs!

I also got blood work done this month and it looks like my vitamin D is low and my LDL (bad cholesterol) is elevated. So, I’ll be tailoring my meal plan after this program to focus on foods that will help with both categories.

Into the final week of this challenge, and here’s what I’m aiming for (wish me luck):

...Tuesday: 21DF Total Body Cardio Fix (AM) & Jazzercise (1-hour – PM)
...Wednesday: 21DF Upper Fix (AM) & Jazzercise (1-hour – PM)
...Thursday: 21DF Barre Legs Fix (AM) & Jazzercise (1-hour – PM)
...Friday: 21DF Pilates Fix (AM) & Jazzercise (30-min– PM)
...Saturday: 21DF Dirty 30
...Sunday: 21DF Yoga Fix

...Tuesday: Mustard & balsamic pork chops with rosemary and red potatoes (on the menu from last week but didn’t make it)
...Wednesday: Almond crusted salmon & green beans
...Thursday: Coconut lime chicken w/ asparagus
...Friday: Onions & shredded Brussels sprouts burgers w/ sweet potato wedges
...Saturday: Steak w/ broccoli
...Sunday: Spinach meatballs over spaghetti squash
...Monday: Leftovers

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