5 things I love about myself

Is it just me or did January seem to have 365 days in the month?

I’m so glad to see that February is here – the month of love. This year is my butterfly year, so although I’m enjoying the holiday as a solo woman that doesn’t mean I have to throw a pity party due to a lack of companionship.

After all, the best relationship I’ll ever have is the one I have with myself.

So today, on this day of romance, my love letter is dedicated to me.

  • I love my eyes. I receive compliments frequently about my eyes, but they are so much more than their shape and color. These eyes have seen amazing experiences, as well as terrible tragedies. These eyes have such an incredible story to share, and I am so grateful for them. 
  • I love my ability to see the positive in every situation. Bad things have happened – things that are out of my control – but the one thing I can control is how I react. That was a challenging lesson to learn, but one that has allowed me to cope with the bad things. 
  • I love my transparency. I have a confidence in putting myself out there to help others feel comfortable.  I am an open book, and if I am able to share something to help someone else then I will share it – even if it makes me look weird. 
  • I love my curves. I am not one of those skinny girls, and likely never will be. I remember in my early 20s, someone I considered a friend called me fat in the middle of a fight. That still sticks with me. But rather than dwell on what others think about my body, and me I can embrace it. My body is my friend, and in treating it that way I’ve been able to change so much about it and how I feel about it. 
  • I love my heart. When I love, I love with every ounce of my being. Regardless of how many times I’ve been hurt in the past, and how many more times are to come, my greatest joy is when I can show others how much I care for them.

Whether you’re spending today with your heart and soul, enjoying a bottle of red paired with a great meal or you’re spending it solo with a face mask and your dog (like me), enjoy it.

Every minute of every part of the day.

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