Breast Reduction: Getting Prepared

If this is the first post you’re stumbling upon, I encourage to read how I decided to go through with breast reduction surgery.

Question: Do you need to do anything to prepare?

I’m a pretty intense Type A person, so once I had the surgery date on the calendar I went to work researching what to expect and how I could prepare.

Thankfully I have had a few friends who have had the procedure (and even more have come forth since I shared that I am getting it done) and shared their journey. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been getting myself ready for what I anticipated I’ll need, but I’ll update post-surgery on what I did and didn’t actually need.

Small pillow
I’ll be required to refrain from driving for at least one week post-op, but once I get back on the road again I’m nervous for the bumps, pot holes, and the like. A lot of articles shared that using a small pillow as a buffer between you and your seat belt helped a lot for the irritation of the belt, but also to keep things in place while driving.

Button-up shirts and comfortable tank tops
Since I’ll be out of work for the week following surgery, I anticipate LOTS of lounge wear. But once I’m back in the office, comfort is key. I have a few loose-fitting sweaters that go great with slacks or a cute skirt, but I also have a few button-up shirts that will be easy to get on and get going.

Sports bras
This is a mandatory. I purchased three sports bras to start off with that are specific to post-surgery. They zip in the front and have no underwire, so it provides the support needed, are easy to put on and take off, and won’t bother the incisions.

Whenever I take a stay-cation I tend to use that time to get errands done instead of actually relax. This time, I’m FORCED to hang on the couch with the dog for a while. So, I’ve got some great books lined up on my kindle.

Another book I heard about that has helped pre-surgery was When Less Is More: The Complete Guide for Women Considering Breast Reduction Surgery by Bethanne Snodgrass M.D. It’s actually what inspired me to share my story with this blog and my social media followers.

Scar creams
I think I’m most nervous for how things will look afterwards, so I’m laser-focused on scarring and helping my body heal. Lots of water is in my future, and good foods to nourish my body. But in addition to that I’ve purchased two creams: Mederma Advanced Scar Cream and Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream. I know it’ll be a bit before I’m able to start using it, but I wanted it handy so as soon as things start to look like they are healing I’m ready to go.

In addition to the Mederma products, Rodan + Fields is great for scarring. A few months post-op I plan to begin to use some of the R+F products that are known to help scarring.

If you’ve had a surgical procedure, or specifically a breast reduction, what did you find helpful to have on-hand? Let me know!

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