Quarantine: Day 36

Starting a new job right when a global pandemic hits was definitely not something I had on my bucket list. But alas, here we are.

I was in my new office a total of 6 days before moving to a fully remote position. And although it sounded like it'd be a great time at first, I really miss the option of working from somewhere outside of my home.

Unless you've been living on a remote island with no connection to the rest of the world you've heard of COVID-19. It's taking people left and right and has completely shut down life as we know it. On my end, three people I know have passed in the last 7 days from the disease. It's heartbreaking.

I have a background in journalism, so I take the media hype with a grain of salt these days. I'll be completely honest and share that when I first started hearing about COVID-19, my gut reaction was that the media is making this into a frenzy. I recall being at a happy hour with my new colleagues and the topic came up; my response was, "One of the Kardashians will get pregnant again and all of this will go away."

Open mouth, insert foot.

I really didn't think things would turn into what they have over the last couple of weeks. But this time in quarantine has really forced me to reflect on how life was and how it will be moving forward, what's important to me and my long-term plans and what I can do without.

It feels selfish of me to list all of the things I miss from "Life Pre-COVID," such as happy hours with the girls or going to church with my Nana when there are so many people fighting for their lives completely alone in a hospital.

Instead, I want to express my gratitude.
  • I'm grateful to be able to continue to work and to give back I tip my bill when I order takeout. 
  • I'm grateful to those who continue to consciously stay home, as you all are helping to flatten the curve.
  • I'm grateful to front-line workers - in healthcare, in food industries, in transportation, and so much more. I wish you all could get a two-month, all-expensive paid vacation once this is all over. 
  • I'm grateful for sweatpants and am not confident my pre-COVID pants will fit again.
  • I'm grateful for each of you, for continuing to read this blog, follow my Instagram stories, and converse with me on social media. You all are the reason I keep coming back to share my thoughts. 

Now go on and continue to be the rock stars you all are by staying home. Seriously. Just stay home.

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